How to Transfer a Mobile Home Title in Alabama

Are you interested in buying a mobile home? Do you need help transferring the title of your home in Alabama? In Alabama, transferring a home title from one owner to the next is very simple. An Alabama mobile home title transfer document is needed to transfer ownership of a home from one person to another. This document is typically used when a home is sold from one person to another.

Alabama Mobile Home
Alabama Mobile Home

What is a Mobile Home Title Transfer?

This paperwork is crucial when buying or selling a used home since it indicates that the new owner is the property’s legitimate owner. Although this may seem straightforward, each state has its unique technique for carrying out this process.

Depending on where a home is, state law will decide what kind of treatment it receives!

Transferring the title of your mobile home in Alabama is one of the most crucial procedures in selling it. Although this can differ from state to state, today we’ll focus on how to do it with regard to Alabama’s particular transfer regulations.

Before You Close on the Mobile Home, Review These Things:

  • Verify the seller possesses the title(s) and is identified as the owner if less than 20 years old: When you first inspect the mobile home, ask to view the title(s). To confirm information, the seller might be ready to send you a picture of the title(s).
  • Verify whether the taxes are current or not: Get in touch with the Alabama tax collector of the area where the home is located. To confirm that the taxes are up to date, call the mobile home’s VIN or serial number. Before the transfer of title, taxes must be up to date. If you’re buying a house and the taxes are overdue, you might wish to subtract this sum from the price you’ll pay the seller. Doing this means you can pay those back taxes when you transfer the title in the near future.
  • Hidden liens: Verify whether there are any concealed liens on the home by contacting the department of titling.
  • If inside a mobile home park: To become approved, confirm that the seller is up to date on all the payments, obtain a copy of the park regulations, find out whether lot rent will be rising soon, and learn whether the park manager sees any improvements that should be made to the home before or after you buy it, speak with the community manager if you are considering buying a home inside a mobile home park.

At Closing

  • Required Paperwork: Title(s), Bill of sale.
  • Mobile home older than 20 years: For a home older than 20 years, all you will need is the bill of sale signed and dated by the seller and purchaser of the house. No title will be required if it is unavailable. A UCC notice must be sent to the Secretary of State if a lien is being imposed on a home that is more than twenty years old.
  • Mobile home newer than 20 years: Original titles and a bill of sale that the buyer and the seller have signed are required if the home is less than 20 years old. One book per home sector. There will be two titles for double wide. Notarization is not required.
  • Pro tip: Before closing and paying any money for buying a home, give it one more inspection. Just as badly as you want the house, the seller also wants your money. Adjust the price if unexpected maintenance is required or if you need to remove any furniture or rubbish.

After Closing of Your Mobile Home– Transferring of the Title

Alabama Department of Revenue
Alabama Department of Revenue

To pay the transfer tax and transfer ownership of your mobile home, you must go to your Alabama DMV office in the county where the home is registered and bring the required forms. To transfer title, only the buyer(s) must be present; nevertheless, it is best for both the buyer and the seller to attend the DMV to speed up any last-minute complications that may occur. All papers should be signed already. You don’t need to get any forms notarized.

The title is transferred!

To Wrap It Up

Although it is not complicated, transferring your mobile home title in Alabama may take some time. The amount of time it takes can vary depending on where your home is located.

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